Volunteer Requirements

The Diocese of Baton Rouge has adopted Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. Any one who wants to volunteer at Sacred Heart of Jesus School must be in compliance with this policy. ALL requirements must be met in order to volunteer.

The certification requirements can be accessed below or at the Office of Child and Youth Protection website.


  1. Complete an EAPPS application and return to school (c/o Michele Broome).
  2. Submit to a criminal background check at State Police Headquarters on Independence Boulevard with this paperwork. Payments may be made with credit or debit cards, or two (2) money orders in the amounts of $39.25 and $10. State Police does not accept cash or personal checks.We cannot accept a “right to review” background check or background checks from other agencies besides the State Police. The results are sent directly to Sacred Heart.
  3. Complete “Recognizing Child Abuse Training” (at Serving Vulnerable Populations Online Training), print the certificate at the end of the training and return to school (c/o Michele Broome).
  4. Read The Code of Ethics and Behavior for Adults who Minister with Minors in the Diocese of Baton Rouge, sign the acknowledgement form and return to school (c/o Michele Broome).

Requirements must be met at least two weeks prior to volunteering. Please submit all documentation, including a copy of your receipt, to our Child Protection Coordinator, Michele Broome. If you have any questions please contact Michele Broome (225.383.7481 or mbroome@sacredheartbr.com). Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering!