Parents Guidance Corner

Parents Guidance Corner

Welcome to the Sacred Heart of Jesus School Guidance Corner!

Sacred Heart of Jesus School guidance counselors are Mrs. Archana Banda and Mrs. Christina DiVincenti O’Brien ’95. Contact them at, or  225.383.7481.


The counseling program at Sacred Heart strives to implement a positive, supportive environment for every student. It is committed to the social, emotional, and academic development of each student, and works to maximize their full potential.

About our Program

Our counselors provides individual, small group, classroom, and academic counseling, as well as parent support. They work with students, listen, and can help students and their families work through challenges to make the school experience the best it can be. Mrs.Banda and Mrs. O’Brien are available to you and provide the opportunity to focus on issues and concerns such as responsibility, bullying, self-esteem, respect, etc. They also works closely with the principal and assistant principal in trying to resolve any problems presented by parents, teachers, and students.


We have implemented the SEAL Strategy to deal with bullying should it occur. Click here for more information about the SEAL Strategy. We also have implemented a bully reporting system.

Student Referral

Students complete this form to request an appointment with the guidance counselor.