Library Policies

abby3Library Policies

Students in grades 2-8 are allowed to check out two books at a time; students in kindergarten and first grade are allowed to check out one book at a time. Books may be checked out and enjoyed for two weeks at a time and renewed if more time is needed.

 Taking Care of Library Books

All students are taught to be respectful and responsible members of the library! Here are some tips and reminders to help our students be successful caretakers of our books.

  • Handle library books carefully with clean hands.
  • Keep them away from water, food, paint, younger siblings, cats, and dogs.
  • Keep them in a permanent place where they can be found when not being read, like your school bag, on a nightstand, or on a desk.
  • Remember the DUE DATE! Other people may be waiting for that precious book you are reading. Be considerate of them.
  • Books can be returned to the library in the morning before school or at recess for grades 3-8.
  • Use a bookmark to mark the spot where you left off in the book. The librarian will always have bookmarks on hand for you to use. Avoid “dog ears” or folding down the page’s corners!
  • If you lose a book, look everywhere for it!
  • If a book is lost or damaged beyond reasonable repair, a replacement fee (the original cost of the book) will be charged.
  • Remember: we want our books to be enjoyed by as many students as possible. Be respectful and treat all books with care!