Our Religion Program

The philosophy of Sacred Heart of Jesus School states that “The prominence of a religious atmosphere provides for the development of faith that is living, conscious, and active.” Children’s faith formation is evident in all facets of life at Sacred Heart, but it is most realized through our religious education program.

Students at Sacred Heart attend student-led Mass weekly and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament monthly. They learn common Catholic prayers which are recited at both morning assembly and afternoon dismissal; however, at any time during the school day, visitors are likely to hear classes praying together.

Special opportunities for prayer occur at different times of the liturgical year. In October, we celebrate the month of Mary with a Living Rosary. During Advent, we prepare for Jesus’ birth with our third grade Christmas play. When students return to school in January, Fr. Miles Walsh blesses the school buildings and classrooms. In the solemn season of Lent, students participate in giving to the poor and praying the Stations of the Cross weekly. We close out the Lenten season with the eighth-graders moving reenactment of Jesus’ last days in our Living Way of the Cross. During the month of May, second-graders lead the school in the Crowning of Mary.

Other religious programs include eighth grade Fall and Spring retreats, grade level retreats, faculty and staff retreat, reconciliation (second through eighth grades) and opportunities to serve the poor and needy in our local community (St. Vincent de Paul Sacred Heart Food Pantry).

Religion Textbooks

Sacred Heart School uses the Ignatius Press Faith and Life series for formal religious instruction in first through eighth grades.

  • 1 – Our Heavenly Father
  • 2 – Jesus our Life
  • 3 – Our Life with Jesus
  • 4 – Jesus Our Guide
  • 5 – Credo: I Believe
  • 6 – Following Christ
  • 7 – The Life of Grace
  • 8 – Our Life in the Church