Brand Standards

As of July 1, 2016, the school implements mandatory guidelines and procedures for the acceptable use of Sacred Heart images, marks, and logos for athletic team wear, apparel, digital/social media, printed materials, Tiger Shop merchandise, and other branded items. The Brand Standards Guide (below) outlines acceptable marks, images, and logos used by Sacred Heart and its teams, organizations, and staff.

Teams, organizations, and staff will follow the request procedures below to gain approval for branded items.

A.  Any individual, organization, or athletic team using the Sacred Heart name, logo, or branded marks for apparel, merchandise, uniforms, printed materials, digital media, or other branded items must submit a request form (below) to the Communications Coordinator.

B.  A minimum of two weeks from the date of the initial request is required for the process to be completed.

C.  The Communications Coordinator will respond to the request, communicate the next steps, and will forward the artwork/request to appropriate parties for approval.

D.  Once approved, the requesting party is responsible for ensuring that the approved artwork or usage is not modified.  If the approved artwork/usage needs further revision, a new request must be submitted.

F.  In the event that this procedure is not followed and/or in the event that Sacred Heart branded items are created without approval, the party responsible will be held accountable for collecting distributed items and assuming the applicable costs.