Welcome to Sacred Heart’s Library!

Sacred Heart of Jesus School of Baton Rouge is proud to have a beautiful, active library that encourages all students to become lifelong learners and readers. Our library offers students and teachers a wide variety of resources and tools, including a large collection of fiction and non-fiction books, reference books, and access to online resources.

Online Data Bases

Library Rules
  1. Respect others and respect school property.
  2. Listen to librarian’s directions the first time given.
  3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


  • Warning
  • Library Conduct Card
  • Library Conduct Card and parent contacted
  • Referral for detention


  • Warning
  • Card signed
  • Card signed and parent contacted
  • Referral for detention
Checking Out Books

Students have the opportunity to check out books every week in the library!

  • K, 1st, & 2nd Grades — 1 Book
  • 3rd through 8th Grades — 2 Books

Books are checked out for two (2) weeks and may be
renewed twice.

Students must return other books out before checking out a
new one.

Overdue notices will be sent home until the overdue book is returned. Overdue fines are NOT charged.

Students will be billed for library books that have been lost or damaged.

Please take good care of these precious books!

Student Services
  • Use of Destiny catalog and check out books.
  • Instruction in research skills and reference materials
  • Instruction on genres, subjects, and library materials
  • Book talks, author studies
  • Individual reading guidance
  • Use of Accelerated Reader
  • Participate in LA Young Readers’ Choice Awards Program