Family Spotlight

Why did you choose Sacred Heart?   
Being a part of the SHS c/o 2005 and a long time parishioner at the church, there was no other option for me than to send Emmy to Sacred Heart.

What do you love about Sacred Heart?
There is so much to love about Sacred Heart. It is a family and that family is there for you and your student for you to succeed together. That is so comforting to me as a parent and was to me as a student, years back. The fact that the teachings of Christ are such an integral part of learning at Sacred Heart is such an amazing thing. In these times, one major thing to love was the response to the changes needed in light of the COVID pandemic. I felt the schooling and learning of the kids never suffered with the transition to virtual learning when needed.

What would you like people to know about Sacred Heart?
I just want everyone to know that they should not skip over Sacred Heart. It really is a small school making a BIG difference! Also, that my father is a new Deacon at Sacred Heart, Deacon Eulis Simien.

– Mallory Sollie mother to Emmeline McGinty – 4th Grade