Family Spotlight

When it was time to choose a school for their children, Amelie and Carter; Allie and Phil Schmitt were living in St. Patrick’s church parish (which does not have a school).  At that time, Fr. Martin was the pastor of St. Patrick’s. He knew the Schmitt’s worked downtown and in St. Francisville so he recommended Sacred Heart, but he wasn’t the only one to recommend it.  A few of their neighbors who had children enrolled at SHS at the time also said they should check it out.  When the Schmitt’s came to the open house, they felt right at home with the beautiful church and smaller school.  

The Schmitt’s have been a part of Sacred Heart since 2010.  They love the tradition and family atmosphere. “We enjoy knowing most of the students and love when we run into someone, no matter the grade or age the kids all know each other and look out for each other”.- Allie Schmitt

The history, tradition and the close family atmosphere is what separates Sacred Heart from the rest.  Allie says “Our daughter has severe food allergies and Sacred Heart has always been willing to accommodate and acclimate for her. This has meant so much to us”.

“Sacred Heart is a wonderful, nurturing environment where everyone not only knows your child’s name but knows your child. Sacred Heart is a place where they are teaching Christian values and how to become who God wants YOU to be with respect and love”.

We love the Schmitt Family! – Allie, Phil, Amelie (6th grade) & Carter Schmitt ’19 (10th grade at CHS)