2018 – 2019 House System

English Name: Faith
Symbol: Shield
Color: Gold
Patron Saint: St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690)
Patron Feast Day: October 16
Patron Nationality: French
Patron Major Works: Visitation Sister; received private revelations from Jesus of the Sacred Heart
House Leader: Kacey Ashworth

English Name: Hope
Symbol: Radiant
Color: Light Blue
Patron Saint: St. John Paul the Great (1920-2005)
Patron Feast Day: October 22
Patron Nationality: Polish
Patron Major Works: Elected Pope in 1978; help bring an end to brutal Communist regimes in Easter Europe and Russia; traveled the world extensively
House Leader: Nicole Salassi

English Name: Love/Charity
Symbol: Sacred Heart
Color: Red
Patron Saint: Venerable Henriette DeLille (1813-1862)
Patron Feast Day: November 16
Patron Nationality: Creole American
Patron Major Works: Founded Sisters of the Holy Family in New Orleans to care for elderly, orphans, and the poor, especially people of color
House Leader: Hannah Owens

English Name: Fortitudo
Symbol: Crown of Thorns
Color: Silver
Patron Saint: St. Edmund Campion (1540-1581)
Patron Feast Day: December 1
Patron Nationality: English
Patron Major Works: Jesuit priest and martyr; secretly ministered to English Catholic under Elizabethan rule
House Leader: Michelle Newman